Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Topshop x Sammy Scott

As part of my business project for my course, I thought it would be fun to design an ad for Topshop as if I were designing a collection for their shop. I just want to say now, THIS IS NOT REAL! But oh my gosh, I would be over the moon if I actually was going to do this! However, I will just dream for now and pretend I am doing just that ;)
What do you think? I was heavily influenced by such designers as Louise Gray and Mary Katrantzou who both show different ways they can use their textiles but in a much more 'Topshop' kind of way, I guess kind of toning it down a notch for the hight street fashion and not having it quite so AHH! Still, I love what these designers have created and I think they have done a superb job. 

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  1. I'm lovin ur idea sammy and 1 day wanna see ur designs out there shoot for those stars sammy-I'm rooting for ya xx-rob jones


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