Friday, 13 June 2014

Happy things this Summer!

Today has really got me thinking about all the things I want to do this Summer. To me, there is nothing more exciting than making a list and getting everything done! So I decided to do just that and get all my wants in writing form. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Have one last get together with all my friends in Swindon.
  2. Have a holiday to see my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin in Sheffield
  3. Take a short break to see my dad in Devon
  4. Catch up with my friends from Burnham On Sea again
  5. Visit my friend Ellie 
  6. Get my friends Jess and Kay to come up to Burnham/Weston for a break away. 
  7. Save, save, save!
  8. Set up my online shop - Synthpop Circus
  9. Go on outings with my mum
  10. Get back into some writing internships
  11. Work as much as I can in my new job ( well, I say new job, I am just transferring to a different store)
  12. Finish all the games I started!
  13. Get crafty at the Creative Copies workshops
  14. Go on some country walks with Ben
  15. Plan for mine and Ben's future
  16. Visit Kerry and Quentin for some super rad gaming times! 
  17. See both my grandparents on a regular basis
  18. Read some of those books that are getting dusty on my shelf
  19. Promote myself via blogs and other social media sites
  20. Go to a karaoke bar with Maisie, James, Ben and anyone else who wants to come!

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