Monday, 30 June 2014

Print Kitchen

Many apologies for being absent from the blogging world for about a week now, it's been a busy one for me as I have just moved back to my family home since finishing College. I have finally sorted all my stuff out as well as doing all those boring things that need to be done when a move happens. However, it's lovely to be back by the sea again and soak up all the sunshine!
Onto other news, I would like to introduce you to an artist called Karys who runs a shop over at Print Kitchen on Etsy. She produces stunning prints all made in her kitchen, as the name suggests! I am a huge fan of screen/lino printing myself and I give Karys a big thumbs up as she makes something that is original yet great for all different ages :)
What I love about Print Kitchen is when the weather is nice like it is at the moment, Karys takes the work outside and produces everything in the sunshine. And why not I say! Such a lovely little story to go along with each individual print. Be sure to check out the Print Kitchen shop on Etsy as well as on Facebook. For a little extra for you lovely bloggers, Karys is offering 20% off anything you would like in her shop! All you have to do is use the code SAMMY20 to receive the discount. Simple!
That's all from me today but I will be back later in the week with some more goodies for you all xox

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