Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I Love Crafty

Eeeeeee, look what I bought folks! It's my I Love Crafty goodies that I am over the moon with!

This month is the month of treating myself :) I am proud of my achievements at the moment and I thought it was about time that I should buy something for me. Nobody else but me. The first couple of items at the top of my list were the I Love Crafty jewellery. I adore the new donut range and well, pretty much everything in this lovely ladies shop! So here it is, my super cute little purchases...
CHECK OUT THAT PACKAGING! I literally didn't want to open it up! Far too pretty and I must say I Love Crafty, you have everything so spot on. You know how to make a lady very happy with jewellery goodies! Happy customer right here and because I was so pleased with everything, I wanted to show the blogging world what I bought too xox


  1. Cute pieces! I really love the packaging too. :) That pink envelope is fantastic! xo

  2. Hi Sammy! Thanks so much for the lovely post and I'm so happy you like your jewellery! Thanks for being a fab customer ;) xxx


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