Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christmas pretties

It's nearly December and you know what that means... CHRISTMAS! Yes, we are starting to get in the festive spirit here at Synthpop Circus which includes lots of Christmas goodies. The items below have been added to my Etsy shop and as of next week, I will be selling at a new craft shop in my local town! I am super excited and cannot wait to merchandise my 4 shelf stand, yep you heard me right, 4 SHELVES for little ol' me! I will also be taking the Christmas items as well as a large selection featured in my Etsy shop so if you are local to me, come and swing by Ticketyboo for some handmade goodies.
This week has been a very busy one for me as I have had a week of birthday fun. I turned 23 on Thursday (eek!) and managed to see my friends and family for the whole week so it has turned out to be a very special end to the month. So right now, I am taking it easy before the mad rush of Christmas shopping starts and just general mayhem!

Be back soon with a bunch of lovely pressies and I received for me birthday.

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