Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mollie Makes, Red Ted Art and Rock n Roll Bride

I may not be much of a book worm anymore but I sure do enjoy a good read about an up and coming creative business owner or swooning over images of a DIY project. Okay, so these are not your 'typical' lengthy books but hey, that doesn't matter to me, if they inspire an idea or get me into making, that is a huge plus point. These creative reads below are some of my all time favourites at the moment and if you are like me and just want to make or looking for something a bit different, then you have come to the right place.
Good ol' Mollie Makes. Yep, of course this is a favourite and thanks to a subscription I had for my birthday, I am always able to keep up to date with this magazine. There are so many superb DIY's with great colourful photography and easy to get hold of materials. I have no excuse to be bored ever again with this beauty.
Red Ted Art is my all time favourite book at the moment, reason being? Well, it's a HUGE inspiration for the crafty kids club I run as well as a pre-school club which is currently in the works of being set up. This book shows simple yet fun crafts to make with kids with supplies that can be found around the home or even from the recycling bin. Easy.
Now don't get too excited and fill your head up with ideas. No a date is not set but there is no harm in getting ideas, right? But in all honesty, I bought this magazine as the lady on the front page has such an inspiring and thought provoking blog that I really just could not resist. Yes her blog is mainly based on alternative weddings but she also gives great business/blogging advice which I love to put into my own practise. Not only that but her style is top notch. Who couldn't love a lady with bright blue hair! 


  1. I've never heard of Red Ted Art but love crafty things, so going to have to have a peek. Mollie makes is never a disappointment! x

  2. I would find all these very intersting

  3. Ooh definitely interested in Mollie Makes! I would love to do more craft projects but the struggle with finding all the materials puts me off haha.


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