Saturday, 17 January 2015

Future inspirations

I decided to create a fun little board based on some future inspirations for my jewellery. Yep, Summer is already on my mind and bright colours are a must! I have based this on a 90's theme with my main interests lying in the bold prints and geometric shapes. Ooh and not forgetting cartoons, expect a lot of that too.

Anyone else dreaming of Summer already? <3


  1. That necklace reminds me of one I had in school!

    Have the best day,

  2. Love the colours! You're definitely not the only one thinking about summer, I've already made my summer 15 fashion board ^_- xx

  3. Aha, this moodboard is a+! Love the colours and the Angelica reference, she was such a style icon <3

    // xx

  4. I miss summer already and the 90s. hahah


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