Monday, 23 February 2015

Chinese New Year At Bristol Museum

So Chinese New Year! As you may have know from my trip to Bristol post, me and Ben should have taken another trip to the city yesterday. We still did this however, Ben was feeling pretty poorly so we didn't end up going super early like we originally planned which also meant he couldn't volunteer. Once he started to feel better during the day, we decided to go to Bristol museum anyway, wrap up warm and enjoy the celebrations. We just could not waste a precious Sunday!
So glad we ended up going despite the rainy weather and Ben's illness, it definitely perked up our spirits and made us enjoy OUR year. Yep, it's the year of the goat/sheep so we are going to try are bestest to make it a good one!


  1. Oh wow! This looks so amazing! Loving your photos as well :)

  2. That lion dance is unreal- my favorite was towards the ending where its neck got all long. It looked like it was ready to fly away. And you guys are troopers- I'd be deep in moping mode if I felt sniffley and it was raining out, haha. Though it definitely seemed well worth it :) I haven't been to Chinatown in *ages*- I'm now super curious to see how they're celebrating down there.

    xo marlen
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  3. That lion dance seems so cool! I must try and get a chance to see one live next year!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Have a great day,

  4. woahh!! that's amazing! thanks for sharing that vid

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