Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hello New Jewellery

So I noticed that quite a few of you lovely people liked my new 'Love' necklace featured on my Instagram. This makes me all kinds of happy so I thought I would list this beauty on my Etsy shop. Woohoo! Why not take a little look and have a nosey at some of my other new pieces including my Powerpuff Girls inspired necklace and earrings set.
Psst, because I am so happy January is over and Spring seems that little bit closer, I am throwing in a FREE POM POM ring with every order throughout February! I have a range of different colours perfect for Spring so have a look above and maybe one of these guys will soon be coming to you!


  1. That necklace really is da bomb!

  2. these are so cute! love the rings!

  3. Cute necklace and rings! =)

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  4. Look lovely! I will definitely check it out! x

  5. Love the necklace. Those rings are cute!

  6. Great new stuff! The "love"-necklace is gorgeous! :) Yeah, sushi is awsome, you`re right.

    Have a nice weekend :)


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