Saturday, 31 January 2015

Instagram Through January

Well, here we are again, another month over and about to start February. Talk about time going fast! If I am honest, January has been an incredibly slow one for me - lots of waiting around and not much action, not only that but I am getting fed up of feeling cold and just want Spring to hurry up. Cold feet is not fun! However, despite the waiting around, I finally have some answers, not necessarily the ones I was hoping for but answers non the less. Now I feel I can start February a bit more upbeat and really plan.

Right, time to take a look at January through Instagram form. Go on, be nosey...
Even though I have been left in the lurch a bit, I have been keeping busy with crafting, very busy infact. I have been trying out various materials and gathering a bunch of ideas together for future jewellery making. The trouble with me is I have too many ideas and find it hard to stick to one idea. Is it okay to have various jewellery pieces in my Etsy shop? I hope so because that is the plan!
The other part of me has been cheered up by little gifts, some as a present to me from me and others as presents from the family. All very much appreciated and perfect for making a happy Sammy. Ooh, and my Sizzix machine is the best thing ever, a good essential for all crafters so go, go and buy right away!
And last of all, just generally keeping busy with outings and visiting friends/family. It's good to get out and about and at the moment I really appreciate it. Especially seeing old friends and just catching up with life. Not only that but they always have the best advice. So yes, the last picture pretty much sums up how happy I am about that.

Right February, throw everything you can at me because I am so ready for you.

P.s thank you SO much for all your heart warming comments on my previous post about mine and Ben's pet guinea pigs. They never fail to put a huge smile on my face every single day and I am happy they make you smile too. My little cuties <3


  1. January felt long for me too...sigh....but yay for little gifts from people eh? :)

  2. you have adorable IG feed!!! so colourful!!

    happy february!
    Animated Confessions

  3. Great photos, those rings are cute and love that necklace :)

  4. I love those pom pom rings, they are so cute!

    Maria xxx

  5. ah can't wait for valentines day! cute DIY :)

  6. Lovely photos! Was Big Hero 6 good? I really wanna see it! xx

    1. Big Hero 6 was so so good. Please do go and see it!

  7. I am looking forward to spring too! If it doesn't snow than winter can get out as far as I'm concerned!

  8. Aaaw I love the red "love" necklace! Such a good idea! :)

  9. The love necklace is so, so cute and
    aww, I also really like the one with the London-themed
    pendants - so lovely. :)

  10. Loving that sandal necklace!!


  11. Girl, I feel you. I want to feel sunshine on my bare arms again! That and I'm starting to run out of different ways to make a sweater interesting haha. And how adorable was Big Hero 6?! I went to go see it with my brother and we were so blown away/touched by the whole story. Definitely teared up a few times. And the short movie in the beginning! Oh the feels.

    xo marlen
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  12. I think you had a great January! The pics are really interesting and you have shown us lovely moments. I have uploaded such a post today, too. If you want you can join my one, too. Thanks for your last amazing comment! I was really happy about it and about welcoming you to my blog as a new follower,also.

    See you soon and have a great February!


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