Thursday, 30 April 2015

Instagram Month

A warm welcome to you all and I hope everyone is keeping well. I certainly have been keeping myself busy this month as well as taking a few more pictures on my Instagram than last month. Yay! April has all been about Spring for me and of course celebrating Easter. I was so overwhelmed with all the lovely treats me and Ben received that I just had to snap them all up for you all to see.
The 4th picture is a goose egg which Ben bought for me from his work. I feel this picture doesn't really show how big it was but lets just say I felt like a character off the Flintstones when I was eating it. But yes, I am really loving this Spring weather and all that comes with it so I am going to keep my fingers and toes crossed the happy vibes stay on throughout May too.
I have made a few lovely purchases this month where I have mostly stuck to vintage items via eBay. Ooh and the 3rd picture may give away some ideas as to what I am going to be selling in the near future... it's all vintage!
And here are some odds and ends of the rest of my month. I had some lovely mango and cinnamon tea at Dunster castle which was a beautiful pink colour - perfect for an Instagram photo! As well as a adorable picture made by one of the pupils at a school I volunteer at, it really did make my day. Oh and of course a picture of my guinea pigs because they are the cutest things ever.

Hope you all had a lovely April and I will be back soon with more goodies for you all!


  1. Your instagram is AMAZING! Following immediately! x

  2. That white mini skirt is perfect, I wish I had one like it!

    Have a great day,

  3. Happy May! It looks like you had a lovely April :)

  4. awww cute photos and your month looked like fun :)


  5. I'm now following you on Instagram - such a lovely selection of photographs (and your adorable guinea pigs really swung it for me!).

    I hope you have a lovely May too, Sammy, hopefully filled with more pretty treats and giant Flintstones eggs (I really want to try a goose egg now after reading that)!


  6. Looks like you had a lovely month! I love that little white skirt. xx

  7. You always take the prettiest photos!! Everything is so darn cute, I love it. Thank you so much for subscribing to my channel, it really means alot! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  8. I'm just going to have to get on Instagram more! I have never posted a link like this before, but since you like vintage clothing, I just happen to have something I think you'll like up on ebay here.


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