Sunday, 31 May 2015

My Instagram Month Through May

Goodbye May and hello June. But why did you have to go so fast May? I felt like I had hardly seen you! I always enjoy making these Instagram month posts as I love re-capping on what I have been up to and remembering all those lovely memories. This month has definitely been one to remember and maybe even been one of my most important months yet. Here you will see why...
As of the start of the month, I have got myself a new part-time job. Yes I know, it probably seems like I have always got a new job but I feel this one will be one to last. So why did I give up my other two jobs? As sad as it sounds, it was all down to the hours. I just wanted more which at the end of the day means more money in my pocket. But what am I doing I hear you ask? I am now a florist! So be sure to expect 1000 more flower pictures on my Instagram feed.
Another important piece of information is that I have finally started my support teaching course. Horrah! I already have a pile of papers mounting up and written work coming out of my ears but you know what, I am really loving it. I can finally start putting all my volunteering into practise and help me get that all important qualification.
During my spare time I have managed to attend a wedding which was absolutely beautiful. It was completely up my street and I just couldn't take my eye off those amazing buns. Yum yum. Also, as you may have seen from my previous post, me and Ben went and saw the new Moomins film as well as getting over excited about the Moomins mania event.

Other exciting news is that one of my good friends from my childhood is back from her 6 month travels around India. I saw her just a few days ago and I was so incredibly happy to see her and hear all her amazing tales of her trip. Other than that I am currently planning on what I will be purchasing with my first months wages from my new job and lets just say it mostly involves craft/fabric supplies for a new adventure I will be taking. Ooh and saving of course! So yes, I hope you have enjoyed my month of May and I hope you have had just a good a month as I have :)


  1. So much awesomeness in these pics! I want to see the new Moomin movie so bad but I don't think it's showing anywhere near me ;_;

    { }

  2. Hey Dear,
    I really like your Posts & you have great Pictures. Would you like to support each other and follow via Bloglovin, Google + & GFC? That would be so cool, and I hope we stay in touch. :)

    Greetings, Sophia xx

  3. great post! have a nice weekend!

  4. Great insta photos! Can't believe it's already June!


  5. I have been rambling about my new ambition, to be a florist! a desk job gets too dull and tiring. hope you have fun :)

    Sharon ∞ eight shores

  6. b eautiful photos , im slightly obbsessssseeeddd with instagram :)


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