Friday, 31 July 2015

A Summery Instagram Month

Another busy month that seems to have flown by, ahh! It is scaring me how quickly this year is going although another part of me is actually pretty excited about that... all will be revealed! Shifting away from this excitement, I thought I would give you a peek into my July through Instagram photos, just like I always do. It's always nice for me to look back on my goings on and remember those all important good times and think how I can make next month even more awesome.
I spent a weekend visiting my dad in the lovely beautiful Devon where we attended and a lovely beautiful wedding. Whilst on our trip away, me and Ben also did a little exploring and visited the Jurassic Coast (Charmouth to be precise) where I found my first ever fossil!
I have also managed to stay creative throughout this very busy month although I still cannot believe I managed to do this, where did I find the time?! I still have a long way to go but I plan on being even more creative this month and pushing myself with new ideas.
Just a few of my purchases this month but to be honest, I am pretty proud of myself for not going crazy. Ooh and that adorable packaging on the third image is from the Japan Candy Box I recently received, I seriously need to get making this as it's just so darn cute!

How has your month been? Super amazing I hope :)


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful month! That is SO cool you found a fossil!

  2. I must go to Jurassic Coast someday! :D And yay to the new blog layout, Sammy! Love it:)

  3. Great photos doll! Your new blog design looks great :)


  4. Same here - this year is going by way too fast!


  5. it seems like your summer is pretty awesome :) ! <3

  6. Sammy, it looks like you had a fun July! btw I like the new layout. :)

    Winn | ♥


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