Monday, 3 August 2015

My Etsy Shop Has Now Re-Opened!

It's about time I gave you all a shop update as it has been far too long, shame on me! The story behind this is that I have been slowly collecting vintage clothing as well as vintage inspired charms that I can turn into jewellery. I must admit, I have had everything sitting around for quite a while now but due to my busy schedule, it hasn't been possible to get creative. Now the school holidays are here, I have a lot more time on my hands which means CRAFT TIME, hoorah!
I have added a few pieces to my Etsy shop which is now OPEN. I must admit, it is pretty empty at the moment but over the next few weeks, lots more will be added. Expect vintage clothing of all shapes and sizes, more jewellery and those all exciting yummy hair bows. There is also something else I have up my sleeve but before I reveal all, I am going to test this new 'thing' out just to make sure I am happy with the end result. Stay tuned guys!

P.s I just want to thank you all so much for the positive feedback regarding my new blog design. I am so happy you all really like it and I feel so loved with all your amazing comments! You guys rock xox


  1. OH MY GOSH!
    Those are some really gorgeous fashion pieces! LOVE!

    ♥ Hope your new week is Ah-MAZING! ♥


  2. It's all so adorable!! I love the shell and bow especially! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  3. That bow is just adorable! Good luck with everything and I hope you get lots of new visitors! xxx

  4. Vintage clothing? Sign me up! It's alright if there's only a few items in your shop right now. Take your time to build inventory, and make sure that each of the items are well-made. Quality over quantity, like always.

    Juanita Hale @ Traffic Cone Marketing


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