Friday, 20 November 2015

November Birthday Ideas

Hey y'all! Firstly, many thanks for all the entries so far for the Kawaii Box giveaway. I am super glad you all like what is available to be won so be sure to keep the entries coming as you never know, it could just be you!

Today's post is all about birthday ideas for the Autumn/Winter months, particularly that of November. In just under a weeks time I will be becoming a year older (eek!) and I thought it might be nice to share with you all some ideas I had, especially if you have a birthday around this time of year too. I must admit, it can be hard to gather ideas to do with friends and family although with a little think and a helping hand, I have managed to find some pretty fun things to do without having to get too cold/wet, horrrah! So lets get started...
Hyper Japan
Now, this is quite a particular time of year especially suited for all you November birthdays out there but if you have the chance and you are into this sort of thing, you should definitely go and do it. There is a huge amount to do from shopping, eating and watching incredibly fun and energetic shows that will leave a lasting memory for years to come. I must admit, I haven't been myself but I have heard great things and feel this is something I would love to book for next year, especially once me and Ben have been to Japan.
I was first told about Airhop from a friend at work who is a bit of an adrenaline junkie. To some it all up in a nutshell, it is basically a huge room full of trampolines that also go up the walls so you can have the ultimate Airhop experience. There are also many other activities available which include dodgeball and a giant foam pit which sounds incredibly exciting to me! What I love about this is that you can let off a load of steam all in the comfort of being under cover, perfect for the colder months of the year.
German Christmas Markets
Okay, so this may be a little similar sounding to Hyper Japan  although in all honestly, you are so so wrong! Every year we have German Christmas markets that visit major cities here in the UK. The closest one to me is situated in Bristol which I had the pleasure of visiting during my last birthday. I love the atmosphere it creates as well as delicious smells, sounds and feeling all wrapped up and warm whilst browsing the festive stalls. Not only that but you can pick up some pretty good presents for yourself and of course for Christmas too.
Ice Skating
I must admit, I do get a little scared of the idea of ice skating. I used to quite enjoy it when I was younger although I really cannot imagine I would be all that good now! Despite this, I find that ice rinks are so much more accessible here in the UK during the festive periods. Pop-up ice rinks seem to be coming here there and everywhere at the moment and I have even been told one is coming to where I am currently living, amazing! So I may just have to pluck up the courage and go and give it a go whilst it is here :) That's the spirit Sammy!

I hope you have enjoyed some of my suggestions :) Let me know what you get up for your birthday if it is around this time of year, thanks guys xox


  1. we have a place like airhop here

  2. Lovely post!! I'm horrible at skating, always have been. It also scares me. :P


  3. What fun ideas! The Japan market sounds amazing!!

  4. that ice skating view looks AWESOME! :O I wouldn't mind falling on my butt there!

    Winn | ♥


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