Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Small Business Time Featuring YY Kawaii

Hey guys, I don't know why but it seems like forever ago that I last blogged about a small creative business. Of course it was only a month ago but still. Maybe this blog planning really is paying off and making me very productive with lots of new blog content. Horrah!

Anyway, back to business. Today I bring to you a super cute small business featuring YY Kawaii who makes adorable decoden products from phone cases all the way to pocket mirrors sure to make your eyes light up and sparkle. I was browsing through the shop Facebook page and just could not decide which images to use, there are just so many amazing goodies in store! So take a look below at just some of my favourites although if I could, I would fill up my whole blog with adorable images from YY Kawaii. There, I did warn you but I held back best I could :)

I must admit, I do have a soft spot for the Sailor Moon phone cases. The moon rod definitely jumps out to me personally, I guess it is also the fact it is pink and super girly that also adds to this *girly squeals* So, which is your favourite? Please be sure to check out YY Kawaii's Etsy shopFacebook and Instagram for regular updates and many more products to make you have the snazziest cases EVER!


  1. These are absolutely adorable :)

  2. Okay, some of these are maybe a bit too girly for me, but that Nightmare Before Christmas one... so awesome!

  3. my wife would like the sailor moon one

  4. Those phonecases are so, so sweet - especially the Adventure Time one, though they're certainly not phone-cases for the pockets haha! :) Hope your week is going well!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  5. Aw, these cases are so so pretty, you did great job, dear :)


    1. These are not my creations! They are made by YY Kawaii :)

  6. What adorable creations! I love them ALL.


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