Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November Instagram Month

This post should have been scheduled for my birthday but you know what, I thought I would have a day off from blogging because of that special day. I also wanted to take lots of photos on Instgram over the weekend and to create this very post as something nice and special. I hope you all forgive me for this and I will be sure to keep these posts in the month they should belong in for the future. We will let it off just this once though ;)

I must admit, November has been a bit of a blur and I am finding it tricky to remember exactly what has happened. Of course it was my birthday but that was right at the very end of the month. I guess I should probably show you some behind the scenes images to really re-jog my memory.
Well, yes I turned another year older on the 27th November. I ate lots of yummy food, opened presents, flashed the cash which went straight into my Japan fund and spent it with my loved ones. I then spent the weekend with my Dad, Grandad and my Dads partners family with yet more food, more presents and yes, more cash. My Japan fund is looking very happy and snug right now. Fun times for everyone! (even for the cat).
I love how I have created some kind of colour theme for each block of images. I may have to turn this into it's very own blog post, horrah! Something else that has re-jogged my memory is crafting. I have been starting to get a steady flow of orders on Etsy as well as creating new bows to get listed up. This really is something very uplifting for me at the moment and I don't think anyone will quite realise how happy I get. Keep them coming guys!
Lastly, I have had quite a bit of me time which I actually really do enjoy. I feel like I may have mentioned this in my last post but I find myself being able to get all those annoying little things done as well as a little bit on the side. I have been photographing lots of items for my Etsy shop which I must admit, isn't my most favourite thing. I mean, I like taking the photos, it's just the editing which becomes quite a bore. Anyone with me on this one? I feel I have really made the most of my free time to myself as December is going to be a hugely busy one for not only myself but everyone around me.

P.s thank you to everyone who has entered my Kawaii Box giveaway but there is still 6 days left. Go on, give it a go while you still can because you never know, it may just be you who wins!


  1. You always post the cutest things on Instagram! ^.^

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

  2. I hope you had a great birthday. I miss how awesome they felt as a kid, I try to celebrate mine to just get some of that feeling back

  3. Sounds like you celebrated in the most perfect way! Your cake look adorable!


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