Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Alive and Kicking

Ummm so apparently I haven't been around here for two months?! Ouch! In all honesty, I don't really have much of an excuse, I haven't really been feeling it and generally just been keeping very busy. However, until about an hour ago, I got the sudden urge. I find watching Youtube videos, especially of people vlogging makes me feel very inspired so with all that going on, I just decide to do it. That includes replying to emails, writing down future blog posts and finally doing a bit of writing on here, horrah! I feel the longer I leave blogging, the more daunting it can be to start again so I really am sorry for being so distant. However, I haven't been completely gone from social media as I have been keeping Instagram pretty updated. Hopefully you guys have been keeping up with my Instagram? If not then I will show you what I have been doing with my life lately.
I will be closing my shop very soon just for a short period of time (don't worry!). It all badly needs an update with new stock, items to go on sale and to also sort out the new Etsy shop front. I am not entirely sure how long this will take but I will try my best not to take too long with it. After all, it's my little baby :)

On a final note, is there anything you guys want to me blog about? This could be craft related or outfit posts or even just general lifestyle ideas. Whatever that may be, please comment below as I really am interested in what you guys think. Bye for now x


  1. Welcome back! I definitely think it's good to take blogging breaks every now and again, and then come back feeling refreshed and inspired!


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