Saturday, 24 December 2016

Keeping Your Dog Safe At Christmas

I just want to start this post by stating blogging is something I have decided to continue and post much more regular content starting from 2017. This time away has definitely given me something to think about and made me realise it is something I very much still enjoy. So yes, hip hip hooray to that!

Anyway, today I want to give some tips and tricks to keeping your pup safe over the festive period. If you have read some of my previous posts, you would have found out I have very recently got an adorable Rough Collie pup named Belle. She is a little cutie but as she has gotten older, lots of different things around the home have distracted her and made her into a little mischief at times! Now that Christmas is in full swing, she gets into everything. Wrapping presents has become a little tricky (but also hilarious) as she really enjoys the sellotape and the noise it makes as well as the tubes of wrapping paper that she likes to chew on. She is still a growing girl so all of this is to be expected but despite this, it's still good to keep an eye on your pup and make sure they don't cause harm to themselves. So because of this, we have decided against a proper big ol' Christmas tree this year and opted for a small tree on top of a cupboard to make sure she doesn't try to chew/play with the baubles that really could do some damage to Belle if they were to break. 

So continuing with this theme, I wanted to share with you this dog safety checklist by which I found incredibly interesting to read. Also, check out puppies for sale and no puppy mill promise for more information and taking a peek at some adorable puppies, they are so cute! I could definitely relate to many of the things mentioned for the festive period and it also gave me some simple steps to follow for both me and my family in making sure we keep are beloved dog safe. How about you my doggy loving friends? Do you have any tips you would like to share with keeping your dogs or animals safe over the Christmas holidays? Please comment bellow if you do and share your stories with the world :) Many thanks guys and have a lovely Christmas! 

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  1. I don´t have puppies but this is very interesting


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