Monday, 2 January 2017

Goals For 2017

Well, it's that time of year again to recap on my goals for 2016 and make new ones for the year ahead. In all honesty, 2016 was pretty rubbish, not just for politics and celebrity deaths but for myself in general. I won't go into any great details as I want to keep this as positive as possible but to put it into simple terms, things didn't turn out how I expected. Despite this, some great things have happened this year that will also make 2016 unforgettable. So without further ado, let's get straight to it :)

  1. Going on holiday with Ellie to Japan has definitely been the highlight of my year
  2. The biggest seller in my Etsy shop is my donut necklace and I couldn't be happier! 
  3. Dying my hair red was a pretty big deal for me as I have never dyed my entire hair before
  4. Me and Ben went on holiday to Greece for some much needed sunshine 
  5. You guys have been awesome with sending me pictures of my creations in your homes
  6. Having my donut necklace in Mollie Makes has literally made one of my dreams come true!
  7. Getting a new puppy has made the Scott/Hendry home complete 
  8. Turning 25 and going to Hyper Japan in London was so much fun 
  9. Making resin crafts has definitely been a big hit and something I really enjoy making

Looking back on my goals for 2016 were very short and sweet. To recap, I basically wanted to give some more time to myself and concentrate on making myself happy. In ways I feel I have done this but I think this could be improved so much more so that is something else I want to continue working on in 2017. I really want to cut out the whole comparing myself to others thing and take each day as it comes which I feel wraps up in a nice package in terms of making myself happy. I also want to really push my Instagram account and really connect on a much bigger scale with you all. I feel that I have already come a really long way and I definitely see my account coming on leaps and bounds since last year. I want to continue making new crafts for my Etsy shop and promoting myself as much as I can through social media (something I hope to push with Instagram). Again, I feel this has already gone really well and I already have new stock being shipped as we speak which I am super excited about! In terms of my blog, I want to improve my content and update on a much more regular basis (going to aim for once a week) as well as continuing with my YouTube channel which I am thoroughly enjoying at the moment. I hope that by the end of the year to get myself a better camera for filming as well as studio lights and a mini tripod so I can also vlog on a regular basis for you all :) 

So that's it guys, thank you so much for all your positivity over the past year and making my blog something to be proud of. I love you all and I hope you have an amazing 2017, happy new year! 

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  1. Happy New year! I hope 2017 brings amazing things your way!

  2. Every year is filled with both good and bad actions. The best thing is that you cherish the moments that you felt happiest. :)
    A little late, but Happy New Year!<3


  3. Wow, that sounds like such an successful year! Congrats on everything you achieved with your cute jewellery!!! You can be very proud of yourself :)
    Rosa Larissa Klara
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  4. Happy New Year, Sammy:) And despite everything, it was great to see the lovely things that happened to you in 2016. The year has not been what I would call awesome myself due to many reasons, so I'm really hoping 2017 would make up for it:D

  5. Happy New Year, 2016 was pretty bad for everyone in my opinion, but it's good that you found some positive things in 2016 :)

  6. focusing on yourself is the best thing you can do first! great new years goals:) have a lovely 2017 babe!

  7. nice post, like it :)
    Kisses :)


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