Monday, 6 February 2017

Crafts Beautiful Magazine

Look what came through the post! The Crafts Beautiful magazine which I got as a Christmas present from my dad. Now Christmas comes every month for me! You may have seen this briefly on my previous post but I thought I would go into a little more detail about it with you all.
So I was kindly gifted this subscription to Crafts Beautiful which is all about crafty projects you can make either by yourself or as a team. I love that this magazine suits all different ages as well as learning a bunch of new skills and techniques.
This magazine came with a die and stamp set which I am super excited about as I can now put my cutting machine to even more of a good use! There is also some free patterned paper in the back which I like to use for my craft backgrounds when photographing products for my Etsy shop. Top tip, leave the papers in the magazine so you can use them again and again without ruining the magazine or loosing them!
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  1. Oh very cute magazine

  2. I love magazines like this. Right now, I really want a subscription to Flow. So expensive here though but probably cheaper there in the UK:)


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