Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Candydecoholic Craft Haul

I think it's time for a craft haul and what better way to start than with some goodies from Candydecoholic! I recently stumbled upon this Etsy shop whilst on the hunt for bezel charms and got slightly overwhelmed with how beautiful all the craft supplies were. I think this shop has definitely ticked all my boxes from mermaid cabochons to bunny bezel charms perfect to make into jewellery for my Etsy shop.
Last night I managed to set up a crafty live stream via Instagram on the making process with these charms. It was so much fun (as always!) and it was lovely to get lots of great feedback from you guys. Not only that but I find that I get wayyyy more done when I have an audience :)
So what do you all think? Are these craft supplies cute or what? Be sure to check out Candydecoholic if you want to get into jewellery making or just want to add a bit of sparkle to everything items, they are so adorable that I just want to eat them up!

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