Wednesday, 12 April 2017

LAMODA Sunglasses

So I recently recieved the most amazing and outragious sunglasses in the post and still to this day can't get over them <3 Check these babies out from LAMODA which if you are into fun items like them, then this is definitely the shop for you.
I adore the two different styles with these sunnies, the fact they have a slight cat eye as well as the rounded inner glasses, just perfect. Not only that but they are PINK AND SPARKLY, every girls dream, am I right?
Seriously folks, go and check out LAMODA asap, it will not disappoint. I am already starting to plan my Summer wardrobe with this brand and I couldn't be more excited! Hurry up sunshine :D

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  1. Oh wow these glasses are SO cute, I love them xoxo


  2. Oh so cute this sunglasses darling


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